Presence and the Present: Relationship and Time in Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy offers salient points learned from the author’s forty years of practice and teaching, and applies psychodynamic psychotherapy to the contemporary practice climate. Emphasizing the therapeutic relationship and the dimension of time, it grounds the discussion in clinical application. 

Michael Stadter is a gifted therapist and writer…we are fortunate that his perspective is so broadly inclusive, personal, scholarly, and readable. Stadter quickly wins the reader’s trust, through his competence, wisdom, grasp of the literature, modesty, and humanity…is exemplary in his way of relating to his readers. He deserves to be honored for this superb book…read this book and see if you don’t also feel envious of its author.”

Psychiatry, 2013

“…makes a truly unique contribution to the field of psychodynamic therapy. In a creative way, it combines a masterful integration of contemporary views of psychotherapy with an illuminating illustration of how a skilled clinician makes use of such an integrated approach.”

Theodore Jacobs, MD, 2012

“This grassroots writing has an honesty that is deeply sincere and intelligent. It will speak to many people who work, day to day, with their patients and who in this author will find a kindred soul.”

Christopher Bollas, PhD, 2012

“Dr. Stadter’s book is another critical puzzle piece in learning about the bridge between the mind and brain. As an expert in relational psychoanalytic theory, he is able to provide us with the pertinent research from the area of neuroscience supporting psychodynamic theory.”

Harry Gill, MD, 2012